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Se habla españolADULT FOSTER CARE:

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  • Is an Assistance Funded program of MassHealth as well as C.M.A
  • Provides professional services by a Registered Nurse, Social Worker (care manager) and a Personal Caregiver to assist client to ADL and IADL for personal care services.
  • Provides educational and training opportunities to client and caregivers.


  • Acceptance of Assistance
  • Physicians Approval
  • Supervision with Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, toileting and ambulation.

The Adult Foster Care Program is an alternative for a person who requires assistance with ADLS to be able to live safely and independently in the community.

Happy doctor visiting handicapped young girl at homeAdult Foster Care / Adult Family Care offers two levels of care:

  • Level I is for people who need daily assistance with at least one of the following activities of daily living (ADL): bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring from one position to another, ambulating (walking or wheelchair assistance), or eating
  • Level II is for people who need assistance with three or more ADLs; or two or more ADLs, plus caregiver intervention for one or more of these behaviors: wandering, resisting care, being physically or verbally abusive, or socially inappropriate or disruptive behavior.

Who can be a caregiver?
Caregivers can be family members or non-family members. However, caregivers cannot be spouses, parents of minor children, or legally responsible relatives. Caregivers must be approved by the program (interview, references, CORI check), and be able to provide 24-hour supervision.

What benefits will I get?
You can live in your caregiver’s home, or your caregiver can move into your home. You will be treated like a member of the family by your caregiver.

Your caregiver will:

  • Prepare meals and snacks
  • Assist you with personal care
  • Provide behavior interventions as needed
  • Provide medication reminders and assistance
  • Do shopping, laundry, and housekeeping
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments and social visits
  • Maintain a clean safe living space
  • Keep a caregiver log

The Adult Foster Care / Adult Family Care (AFC) agency provides:

  • Careful screening and training of your caregiver family
  • Case management and service coordination
  • Periodic visits by social workers and registered nurses to monitor medical conditions, evaluate caregiver services, and offer support and training
  • 24-hour coverage for emergencies

Your caregiver will receive:

  • Up to $1500 per month for caregiver services ($18,000 per year), depending on the level of care needed
  • Support and training
  • Home visits by social workers and registered nurses
  • Respite care (up to 14 days per year)

Your caregiver is not allowed to have more than three AFC clients at a time, and no more than two who require Level II care.

What are the costs?
If you are eligible for Masshealth, MassHealth will pay for personal care services, service provider fees, and administration costs. Caregivers receive a tax-free stipend of $20-$25 per day for personal care services for Level I, and about $50 per day for Level II. MassHealth also pays service providers and program administrators for their services. MassHealth does not pay for room and board. If you are living in your caregiver’s home, your host family may charge you a monthly fee (like rent) for room and board. You and your caregiver decide on the amount you will pay for room and board. You will have a private or semi-private bedroom. If you are not eligible for MassHealth, you must pay all of the costs yourself. The total cost without MassHealth depends on the level of service needed. Medicare does not pay for this program.

We Offer the following Services

MassHealth funded program designed to provide individual home care services to adults:

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Contact Bay State AFC if you need assistance with the activities of daily living and have someone who can assist you, we will train your caregiver and pay her/him to provide you with personalized services 24 hr./day, 7 days/week.. If your health care insurance is Mass Health Standard, Community Medical Alliance) Senior Care Options then you may be eligible for this services.

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Enjoy your life, living in your own home with a Caregiver trained by Bay State AFC to provide you with personalized care; the caregiver could be your loved ones or a trustworthy person willing to live with you and to assist you in your daily activities with the support of our Registered Nurses, Social Workers as Care Manager and 24 hr. 7 days/week. emergency services and support.